Networking requirements in today’s times are compulsory to both houses and business premises. An inter connection between two or more networks, a router is the center point of the networking map. Routers are the excellent fitting aspirants when it’s all about searching out wide-range networking solutions. Wired and wireless routers, Managed switches and VPN firewalls, also network attached storage devices and many more are their; all these are integral part of a successful networking system.


Our On-Site Networking Solutions: 


  • Setting up of Wired and Wireless Routers.

  • Complete Wireless Router troubleshooting.

  • Installation & Up-gradation of Router drivers.

  • Resolving Router Firewall issues.

  • Determining and then fixing Router wireless connection related problems.

  • Dealing with Network Channel interference.

  • Fixing up broken DNS Relay function.

  • Providing assistance for Router setup and configuration.




Now a days networking has a new name, all thanks to various routers. Standing among the best, routers will surely add up that extra flow to your networking requirements. With across-the-broad range of products such as broadband and wireless routers, consumer gradient Ethernet switching, audio-visual devices/products and network storage products among other solutions, Routers clearly stands out in improving out all-inclusive wireless networking solutions in comparison to wired broadband's.


CCTV Cameras & Protection Accessory: 


Our installed wireless cctv cameras are different from others because not only can you use them stand alone but you can also connect or link them to our incomparable Internet CCTV compatible devices. Giving you an all-around video security alert system.

You can view live video from your cameras On-demand via various devices like PC, Mac, iPhone etc. from office, or on holiday remaining anywhere. Built-in motion and other small sensors can be set to automatically play recordings and alert you via email or SMS instantly, No matter whenever and wherever you are.

If you want to stream your IP Camera, Outdoor webcam or CCTV over the internet, we can provide you with the various versatile products you need along with information on How to use them, and can even supply you with sample web codes which can be cut and paste directly in to your web pages to help get your CCTV Camera or Webcam on the internet so the public can see your CCTV camera or webcam, and of-course you always remain password protected for your Internet CCTV camera or webcam to keep them secure. We provide full product support, knowledge base and technical backup for every product we install or sell.

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